What people say that makes me roll my eyes

With the amount of eye rolling I do daily I’m actually surprised my eyes are still intact.

  • The obsession with IQ on Quora. I have an IQ of 167, is that good? What does it mean? I don’t know genius but one thing I know for sure; people with 160+ IQ do not display their stupidity on a public forum and most certainly don’t spend their time seeking for validation from Quorans.
  • People that post countdowns to their birthdays that no one gives a hoot about. I roll my eyes so hard at this I end up in another dimension.
  • People that add inspirational quotes to their Facebook/Instagram photos. I don’t get it. You take a kick ass selfie and add a philosophical quote hoping to achieve what? No, it doesn’t make you sound deep or appear smarter. Sorry.
  • People that put zzzzz after LOL. I don’t get this too. The fuck is zzzz? Did you just laugh yourself to sleep? GTFO.
  • People that still censor swear words when texting. Typing F**cking instead of Fucking doesn’t make you a saint. Jesus still knows what you mean and he’s disappointed.
  • Every time I get one of those WhatsApp broadcast messages. There’s no such thing as WhatsApp GOLD! Rebroadcasting those messages doesn’t change your WhatsApp from Green to Blue! Jesus doesn’t use WhatsApp and I won’t die if I don’t Re-BC within seven days. Y’all need to calm down.
  • People with relationship problems on social media that write posts aimed at people who hurt them. Keep it moving Train wreck, this is not your station. Grow the fuck up!
  • Every time my mom gives me the phone to talk to a Relative. Not today, I’m not emotionally ready.
  • People that post statuses that don’t make sense and put “inside joke” and tag a friend. If it’s an inside joke why share it on a public forum? Seriously, GTFO.
  • People that gush over their new boyfriend/girlfriend on social media. WE DON’T CARE!! The gum in my mouth would probably last longer than y’all relationships. Again, GTFO.
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Written by: Oluwaseun C. Adediran

What people say that makes me roll my eyes
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