“I don’t read books.”


Whenever I come online and find some graduates making unnecessary mistakes and posting some really dumb things I’m forced to walk up to my shelf for my English textbook. If I’m on a bus – Medium, Youtube and OkadaBooks.

If a graduate is finding it difficult to construct simple sentences in serious conversations then I don’t know shit yet. “I have to get better,” I would remind myself

We continue learning by reading. You might say “I don’t read stories or books” but it doesn’t make you smart. You sound dumb every time you say it but you don’t know.

You’re not too old, young or big for books. Most of your favorite films were adapted from books. Most TV Shows and Movies are scripted.

There is writing for every spoken word on the planet.

Don’t stop reading. It doesn’t make you lame. Whoever thinks it does has a very poor level of Education; if they had any

“I don’t read books.”
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