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Month: September 2020

5 Powerful Screen Recorders For Creating Youtube Videos

Screen recorders are software that allows you to capture what is currently on your device‘s screen without having to use any external camera. Screen recording is a handy feature that helps to record online communication that you can review or send to someone later. I would be sharing five free and popular ones with you. […]

7 Freelance Jobs That Are In Demand Right Now

A freelancer is a self-employed individual who offers services, often working on several jobs for multiple clients at one time. Freelancers may be paid based on the number of hours worked. As a freelancer, you set the rules regarding working hours, and who you’re willing to work with. Web developer Web developers design and create […]

5 Essential Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is one of the most popular social media tools at your disposal. For marketing purposes, Instagram has become a worthwhile investment. You are able to sell your goods to an audience that are more targeted and active. Here are five effective Instagram marketing tips that you can use to milk the famous platform for […]

5 Trusted Investment Platforms You Should Use In Nigeria

You need to determine which investment platform to use when you are looking to invest in funds or stocks and shares. There are ranges of leading investment fund platforms to choose from, all of which provide something different in the way they manage costs and resources. Investment platforms are also referred to as fund supermarkets […]

6 Alternatives To Procreate Pro, A Drawing Software For Artists

Procreate Pro is a powerful drawing tool that allows artists to draw or sketch on their iPad or iPhone. On this article I am going to show you some alternatives to the drawing application. In my opinion, these are just as good if not better than other applications in general and worth trying out! MediBang […]

7 Things to Know About Bamboo Before Buying Stocks

Bamboo or “Invest Bamboo” is an app that gives you unrestricted access to over 3,000 stocks listed on the Nigerian stock exchange and U.S. stock exchanges, right from your mobile phone. Let me break it down. How does Bamboo work? With Bamboo, you can buy Apple, Facebook, Disney and many other companies shares with your […]

Get Remote Jobs Faster with WWR Learning Portal

It doesn’t matter the job you’re looking for, WWR has you covered! I shared a couple of places you could find remote jobs earlier this year and one of them, in fact, topping the list is or (WWR). Now overtime, WWR has evolved beyond vacancies and jobs you might be interested in. I’m happy […]

8 Places to Find Free Music for Your Youtube Channel

Free music for Youtube and other platforms! The internet has a lot of things to offer, and there’s free music among them. You can find a lot of websites that offer free downloadable music, but not all of them are legal. So if you’re looking for songs that can be used safely and cost-free, we’ve […]

7 Time Tracking Tools for Freelancers

Golance, Upwork, and other freelance platforms provide a time tracking tool to work with. But what if you’re a freelancer who doesn’t use freelance platforms then here are 7 time tracking tools you can use for your projects. TickTick TickTick is a time tracking tool that allows you to organize everything in life whether it […]

5 Email Subject Line Generators and Testers

The importance of having a great email subject line cannot be over-emphasized these days. This is especially true if you are a brand that is sending official emails to your potential customers and email subscribers. Apart from business owners who are using email marketing to promote their brands, another set of people need a killer […]

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