Of course, where else would you want to see something like that. It was on David Letterman’s Show. I can’t really tell the year but it’s been awhile – Go see “Toy Story 3”– The toys are back in town… So, he stood for almost three minutes to list 10 points. Funny enough, he never smiled or laughed while talking – Evil genius. Now, here’s the video below and you could read it all in a written format BELOW the video, in this page. you’re so gonna love it.


Eminem’s Top 10 Pieces Of Advice For Kids

10. Keep It Real
9. No one’s ever regretted a tattoo
8. With foreign markets volatile, now’s a good time to invest in bonds
7. Go see “Toy Story 3”– The toys are back in town
6. Always purchase music through authorized retailers that pay royalties to the artists
5. Don’t get mixed up with drugs, gangs or oil executives
4. Remember the magic words: “Please,” “Thank you” and “Step off, bitch”
3. Money Doesn’t buy happiness– It buys Crazy–ass Happiness
2. If i sign something for you, and i see it on Ebay, when you go home, i’m gonna be under your bed
1. Don’t waste your time watching this show.
I think he got pissed there, especially on the 6th point. Hmmm, at least he gave ol’dave a handshake.