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Month: November 2014

Missing Boy Found After Four Years

The case of child kidnapping has risen over the years. Usually, most reported cases involve outsiders but in this case, he was found in his father’s house. Georgia police have rescued a boy who was missing for four years from behind a hidden panel in his father’s garage. The boy, 13, was found at the […]

The Lady Mechanic Initiative 10th Anniversary Celebration

The Lady Mechanic Initiative 10th Anniversary Celebration took place at the Federal Palace Hotel & Casino, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria on Thursday, November 27. 2014. The event was unveiled by The Nigerian Minister for Women Affairs, Hajiya Zainab Maina, FCIA, MFR and sponsored by Oando. Apart from the minister, Ace comedian Ushbebe and Lolo 1 of Wazobia […]

Red-Hot: Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo | Acceptance

Accept it or not, Acceptance is making waves on social media. The book trailer is on Youtube with no less than a 4.7 star review on Amazon. Wow! Overview Set in London and Nigeria – Acceptance is a family drama about love, loss and betrayal and is planned to be the first of a series. The […]

Making A Free Banner For Your Blog/Book Blog

Great books come with titles. When this book is been read and reviewed to be interesting, we say, “Great books come with GREAT titles.” I don’t know if that’s often true because we get taken away with how interesting the book is that we consciously (or unconsciously) hail the title. i’d be like, “Dude, have […]

Memoir: Theosagape – Coming To Reality

When I was a child life was easier. I saw life the way any child could see it, for if I should say, any child should know. It was all black and white to me. No other shades of colour of life were known to me; not gray, green, pink, yellow or even the famous […]

Women Hair loss Before And After Childbirth

Women face a lot in life and so do men. In the case of hair loss, every woman experiences hair loss at a point or another.  When hair loss occurs, a lot of women freak out because they think it’s an infection or the start out of a deadly disease. But it’s not, in fact, […]

Vote Jide Ogunsanya For Best Blogger Of The Year

I love writing. It’s weird, i know. Wait, what’s weird? What’s weird about writing? Well, i had an interaction with a friend at a cafe once and he told me i can never make money from writing. I believed him and i didn’t because i didn’t try. That happened before Steve Job’s death in 2011. […]

Exercising During Pregnancy

Exercising is good for the body, any form of exercise. Regular exercise during pregnancy can improve your posture, looks and decrease some common discomforts such as backaches and fatigue.   Regular exercises during pregnancy will:   Help you to carry the weight you gain in pregnancy. Prepare you for the physical challenge of labour and […]

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