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Red-Hot: Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo | Acceptance

Accept it or not, Acceptance is making waves on social media. The book trailer is on Youtube with no less than a 4.7 star review on Amazon. Wow!


Set in London and Nigeria – Acceptance is a family drama about love, loss and betrayal and is planned to be the first of a series. The novel shows the tragic consequences of secrets and lies and what happens when an ordinary girl is let down and pushed to extremes by the people she loves; her husband and family. The main plot is about Eva and her passionate relationship with husband, Richard, with a back story about her family history and her mother’s experiences in Nigeria during the Biafran war. As the story unfolds we discover that no one is quite what they seem and Eva gradually uncovers the truth about their deception with tragic consequences.

“When i read the blurb for Acceptance and i saw the book trailer, i was so wowed to tagging it Nollybook – The author’s visual interpretation of Acceptance is an indelible, positive strike on the contemporary mind, just the nibble of it, the trailer.”

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I put that in a quote so you’d quote me right after you’ve read it (and bought me an extra copy…LOL) Who is this Author?.. She is like a burning ice on a… Lets move on!

Author’s Profile
Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo is a graduate of the University of Portsmouth with a BSc in Pharmacology. She is a writer of Contemporary romance with a twist. Her writing is a portal into her mind and soul.  Sparked with a passion for gothic horror, mystery and romance novels; her top writing influences include Virginia Andrews and Stephen King. In 2013 she completed her first Novella “Acceptance,” a powerful testimony of love, Loss and Betrayal. “Into the darkness” is her sequel to “Acceptance.” When Ibitola isn’t raising three children with her husband, she continues to inspire and create in various online communities through her writing and research.
Still want to know more about this beautiful author? Buy her books. She’s got competitions off the book and you could participate and win (more on that later). The last winner walked away with:
-a brand new NOOK HD Tablet, TI OMAP, 1.3GHz, 7”, Wi-Fi, 8GB
-a promo T-shirt and one more thing i won’t scribble but you’d find out if you get the book.
You could get Acceptance on:
Here’s the book blurb to Acceptance: Into the darkness with its trailer

“There is that part of me that doesn’t want to think that we need to feel pain and to go into the darkness in order to see the light and to experience the beauty of life. There is another part of me that just wants to hide in the darkness, fearing what others will think of me when they see my own shame, the part of me that I unleashed so unexpectedly. The thought of those betrayals, those horrible blows to my trust, cracking the very core of my being, made this dark nightmare I now inhabited feel a little more welcoming. But I could still feel the cold weight of the knife in my hand, feel it sinking into Richard’s soft flesh. I had to wake. I had to know if my anger and rage had turned me into a monster. I had to know what those cracks had set free……”

You could get Acceptance on:
Red-Hot: Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo | Acceptance
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