Month: July 2020

How to Receive Foreign Payments Seamlessly using Sendvalu

One of my many Nigerian dreams is living and working from home while earning in international currencies, and I believe it’s the same with most Nigerians as long as the international currency is of higher value than Nigeria’s currency. But you have to agree with me that the process of transferring your money from international […]

How to Find Heavy Files and Free Up Your Google Drive Storage

By default, everyone’s Google Drive account comes with 15GB of free space. Then all that space fills up when you upload attachments to your Gmail, upload videos and photos to Google Photos and backup documents on Google Drive. They are all connected. In this post, we’ll be looking at how to find heavy files on […]

6 Websites That Let You Create Resumes For Free

If you ever feel frustrated at how long it would take to create a new Resume while searching for jobs then this post is for you. We will be looking at 6 websites that let you create Resumes for free in no time. Some of them will take you 1 minute or 3 minutes, depending […]

How to Transfer your Facebook Photos and Videos to Google Photos

If you’re looking to save your Facebook photos and Videos while you take a break from the platform or delete your Facebook account then this post is for you. We’ll be looking at how to transfer your Facebook photos and videos to your Google Photos account for free in no time. Anyone can do this […]

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