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A Valentine Fiasco 1

This is an original piece from a very close friend of mine; Ms Aniuchi Michelle of Amarites.blogspot.com. She published it sometime ago and i fell in love with. It’s a long read but worth it. Enjoy…… “GRRRR!” “Grrrr!” “Grrrr!!” The […]

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The Death Of Magnus

May 19, 2015. I woke up to put these thoughts down before they sink below my level of Consciousness… This night I had a dream. Everything in this dream looked older, including my mother. I was back at the house […]

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The Drunkard And The Adulterers

Title: The Drunkard and the Adulterers Author: Iam Magnus It’s happening again. We flogged Ufuoma the day before Eke market, today, it’s Akudo. The town crier will beat the village with his noisy gong. The youths will gather at the […]