Yesterday morning Banky W announced is engagement to the love of his life and his love story has since then become an encouragement and additional fuel to the confidence we Yoruba Demons and our Igbo Brothers have over the course of many heart breaks lost.

It’s a call home call to us that we still got it in us and we should never give up no matter the circumstance. After the news of the engagement, a lot of Yoruba demons myself included have been going back to the drawing board and restrategizing ways of getting into the hearts of that very special one to us.

But alot of us still have not been able to grasp all the lessons from this Banky W saga and with that most will still fall into unsuccessfully proposals. In this post I will share with you five lessons you can learn from the Banky W engagement story.

1.  It’s Still okay to slide into DMs: A long time ago, alot of us gave up on the idea of sliding into DMs, after getting sarcastic replies, comebacks that will give Mama P a run for her money and at times being left on “read” we just lost hope in the idea and method all together.

But with the story of Banky sliding into Adesua’s DM, it has giving us a new hope about the 21st century way of striking a conversation with a love interest. I cannot begin to count the amount of DMs have “slide” “sliden” “slided”  or “slode”  into since yesterday morning.

Moreover, our women are now more receptive to accept DMs requests, so judging from Banky’s love story, it’s still okay to slide into DMs.

2. It’s okay to be in the Friend Zone but not stuck there: This is something not many of us are willing to hear or accept but according to Banky he was in the Friend Zone for two years +. He could have gotten any other girl within those two years period but no he kept himself in the Friend Zone for the one he loves but he didn’t get himself stucked there, he knew how and when the time was appropriate to get out and stroll into the Lover Zone.

If you truly love, you’d be willing to wait a little, even if it for two years as long as there’s a silver lining at the end of the tunnel.

3: Play your game low key: Banky had being love struck since 2015, started dating since 2016 and got engaged in February but we heard nothing, not even the “allknowing” Linda Ikeji.

If it was someone else we probably would have had about his crush all over the Internet since 2015.

Unlike Adekunle Gold who wanted to secure a date with the actress and was tasked with getting fifty thousand retweets on Twitter, Banky W was busy in the background lowkeyly playing his cards and didn’t bring it out in the open until something tangible was produced out of the relationship.

4. Drop one or two hints here and there: From featuring Adesua Etomi in his Made for you music video, to attending events and presenting awards together to playing mushy tushy on set of The Wedding Party (as reported by Sobowale and Kemi Adebita).

Banky kept dropping hints all through the time in was in her Friend Zone, letting her know that he didn’t intend to remain there forever. Don’t just be a best friend, at times it’s okay to show a little live interest.

Let her know you want to be more than friends.

5: Know when to pop the question and stop playing games: For two about a year, Banky W played the best friend game, then in 2016 he started with the lover boy zone and in February of this year he popped the question, expressing his feelings, desire and intention.

It takes a real Yoruba Demon  guts to know when and actually pop the will you marry question. And as one we should.

I just hope this Banky W love Story will give birth to and open the gates to many other similar and interesting scenarios.



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