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10 Duolingo Alternatives For Learning Languages Faster

5 Duolingo Alternatives For Learning Languages Faster

In case you don’t know, Duolingo is not the only language learning app out there. Here are 5 Duolingo Alternatives For Learning Languages faster.

If you love to learn, then you know that the concept of languages is a really interesting prospect to dive into. There are so many languages in the world and many of the most popular languages can be learnt on the internet via language applications. One very popular option for learning languages is Duolingo. Although Duolingo only offers about 30 plus languages for you to learn, but it is widely chosen among most language learning enthusiasts. I wonder why

If you have tried to learn a language with Duolingo before and it’s not working for you, then try these other brilliant linguistic apps and websites. Yes, duolingo is not the only linguistic app, though it is admittedly one of the most popular. In this piece, we will look at some good alternatives to the text-based Duolingo that you should try today. You never can tell, the learning system in one of these other alternatives might be the perfect learning system for you.


Sounter is a linguistic app that lets you learn your language of interest through your favourite songs! Who would have thought? This is honestly a very fun approach to learning a new language and if you learn better through audio and listening, this is a perfect learning environment for you. To get started, visit their website and create an account. Sounter will use your favourite songs to create a language course for you. You will be able to learn vocabulary through your favourite song’s lyrics.

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Toucan is a free Chrome extension that will help you learn a new language while you are browsing the internet with Chrome browser. All you need to do is, install the Toucan browser extension, choose the language and start learning!


Fluent is mainly for French learners. The product is a Chrome extension that helps you learn French while browsing the web with your Chrome browser. Go to their website to add the Fluent Chrome extension and start learning French right now.

Master Ling

With Master Ling, you can learn up to 60 plus new languages on their app! The app is highly rated and is used by up to 5 million users right now. The platform makes use of games and interactive queries to engage your language learning.


Vocly is built by Simya Solutions and has up to 50 plus languages in store for you to pick and learn at any time. The app is available for both Apple users and Android users. Just go to the Apple or Google play store and download Vocly.


Beelinguapp is available as an app on Google Play store and also for iOS devices. You can learn a new language with their audiobooks and through music. This platform is perfect if you learn best via audio. It allows for a unique type of karaoke reading. And texts are available in 13 languages.

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Little Lingua

Little Lingua is a crowdsourced language library for enthusiastic language learners all over the world. You can view the library by visiting their website or you can contribute to the library as well. Search the library for what you need and discover language resources.


Mondly has a good number of languages for you to learn from in their database. According to them, fluency in your desired language is much closer than you think. The Mondly app is available on Google Playstore, Apple store and App Gallery. And there are 33 native languages to learn with, not only English.

Language Drops

Language Drop allows you to play with your words. The app is available on the Android store and Apple store. It takes just 5 minutes a day to get closer to being fluent. The learning platform is also very visual and interactive. I would recommend this for kids, anytime.

Emoji Stone

Emoji Stone allows you to play with emoji to learn a new language. The app is only available on Apple store currently. It offers a totally new way of learning through play.

So, these 10 linguistic apps and platforms are wonderful alternatives you can consider in addition to Duolingo. Happy learning!

10 Duolingo Alternatives For Learning Languages Faster
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