Month: August 2020

7 Android Apps to Boost Your Productivity By 1200%

Okay, maybe 1200% was a little bit of a stretch but you’ll agree with me that gone are those days where the use of a phone is only limited to making and receiving calls. These days, a mobile device is much more powerful than you ever imagined. Mobile devices and smartphones are like super personal […]

5 Places to Download Free Premiere Pro Templates

Introduction Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software that was developed by Adobe. It is commonly referred to as Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro makes use of motion graphic templates that are used to add effects in videos editable videos. These templates are designed to be used very easily along with their controls. These […]

5 Tools that Let you Remove Backgrounds for Free

Removing unwanted backgrounds from your image does not have to be a tedious task. There are situations that call for a compulsory removal of your picture’s original background. For example, when you are creating graphics for your brand on social media. Or when the picture you snapped looks like it could have been better if […]

KudaBank x Payoneer: How to Make Withdrawals, Dollar Rates and More

Unlike other Nigerian banks, KudaBank (or Kuda) has been building some really cool features into their product and recently, they rolled out a feature that lets you process Payoneer payments directly to your KudaBank account. This is a big deal because Nigerians can now create Payoneer accounts and receive foreign payments with the KudaBank app […]

10 Places to Find Movie Subtitles for FREE

We wrote about 5 places to get Movie Scripts For Free 5 Years Ago. But now, we will look at 10 places to get movie subtitles for free. Some people like to have subtitles sliding under the screen while they are watching a movie. Other movie watchers do not. Different people have different preferences. Knowing […]

Marketing Dashboards: Generate 30+ Google Analytics Data in One Click

Generating Google Analytics data can be hectic when you need some in-depth data or so many reports in one sitting, especially if you’re not an Analytics guru. But you don’t have to worry about that because there are a couple of products that let you generate Google Analytics data in one click, for free. You […]

How to Make Money With Bitsika

Bitsika lets you send money anywhere in Africa. They also offer virtual cards and crypto. The app is available on Android and iPhone/iPad. We already talked about Bitsika on this blog. Please click here to learn more about the platform. New Update From Bitsika “1. You can now earn good cash for referring/inviting your friends […]

How to Make Money With RiseVest

From RiseVest: “We’re excited every time someone joins RiseVest through a friend because it’s proof that referrals from people like you are the most powerful marketing we could never pay for. But what if we paid you for it? We want to, so we’ve launched the RiseVest Affiliate Program to help you get paid for referring people […]

5 Places to Find Expensive Udemy Courses for FREE [100% Discount]

Where to find expensive Udemy Courses for free [100% Discount] at any time! Very often, Instructors on Udemy would put a discount on their courses for a limited time. The discount could be 10%, 100%, 86% or any percentage they want. It’s entirely up to them. These coupons would make the courses available for free […]

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