Even Kendrick Lamar Was Laughed At

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Dido’s 2012 single “Let us move on” is one song I go searching for when I buy a new phone. Why do I like the song? Kendrick Lamar’s words that almost gets me teary…

Got a new phone, went searching and I saw the comments on this song. Some people were making fun of Kendrick while the rest came for Dido. The top comment was “I just checked it out, biggest waste of time, you’re garbage man. Just go to school and get a job like the rest of us.”
It took several more years for it to blow, but it’s interesting to note the song as the breakthrough for what was to come. Kendrick Lamar made more songs and won awards. Still winning

Learn from this!

People will doubt you, make fun of you… You have to believe in yourself. Keep going

Even Kendrick Lamar Was Laughed At



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