Month: December 2015

Addendum: Okadabooks’ 2015 Yearbook

Whoop! Whoop! My last Okada post for 2015 is finally flowing through your pupils… because you’re reading this. We came up with a lot of crazy ideas this year and they really paid off – most of them. If you missed any of these great ideas we shared on the Facebook page or on the […]

Download Latest Okadabooks App on Android, Windows and Blackberry

Okadabooks recently shares a new update with us. In my other post HERE, i shared the MAJOR stuff on the new update and you could download the app on this page for Android, Blackberry and Windows Phones You can download Okadabooks app through these links. For Windows: For Blackberry/Amazon: For Android: If […]

NEW: Okadabooks 3.0.7 With Credit/Debit Card Refill Options

Okay, how long was i gone?… were you gone? Never mind. We’re still alive anyways. So, with lots of money to be made from your books and little to spend on others’ own, Okadabooks took a BIG step recently to add a refill system we’ve all been asking for… The type without stress… The CARDS […]

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