Month: September 2015

How Jim Carrey Saved My Life

Curled From: Actor Jim Carrey provided the inspiring, funny, and enlightening commencement speech for MUM’s class of 2014. He encouraged the students to think big and to choose love rather than give into fear. Many said it was the best commencement address they’d seen. Below you’ll find the full video and transcript of Carrey’s […]

[Collyde Prime] The Angriest Man In Lagos

Collyde Prime, Angriest Man In Lagos Chapter 1 I woke up late. Not that it was anyone’s fault but mine that is why I was pissed. Crouching on my rug with my head pounding like a symphony of sirens was playing in my head. I sincerely didn’t feel like going to work today not because […]

Everyone Has Stopped Dreaming For You!

You have this gift that annoys everyone else, in fact, THEY see this your gift as their problem. This gift is being yourself every single day. Its a problem to some people, because they can never be like you! Ever! And it hurts them so much! At first, they’d think you’re either crazy or stupid […]

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