Month: August 2015

Reading? Here’s 5 Okadabooks You Should Read In September

It’s September in a bit, wow! I thought it’d take awhile. Anyways, i’m still alive and so are you, right? If you’re not the “picky” type of reader on Okadabooks; you’d always find it difficult to choose what to read and who to choose from, most of the time. This is so because there are […]

Coming Soon: The Brand Of Cain – Larry Sun

THE BRAND OF CAIN (A body outside the house, suspicion falls inside). You Love The Chase Series? Then This Is For You “The Brand Of Cain” is a crime story that drops readers into a world far different from what they have ever seen. Title: The Brand of Cain Sub Title: The First Book of […]

How To Choose A Used Smartphone In Nigeria

Over the past few years, smartphones have ceased to amaze a lot of it’s numerous users. But on the part of the pricing dispute no longer want: when the salary falls short of the price tag on the coveted gadget, all its benefits immediately fade. This means that it is time to pay attention to […]

How To Create And Publish An Epub On

Ohkies… This took awhile because it was my first but its almost “Pro Looking” considering the “message” i was trying to pass across… Oh! Shoot… No mic! Yes, well, the one on my pc is not close to “clarity.” So, uhm… I hope it’s helpful. If you have questions, leave a comment. 🙂

5 Definitions Of A Library

The Oxford English dictionary defines library in the sense of being a place where books are kept for reading, studying or reference. 1. The Latin word LIBER meaning books. This definition sees library as synonymous. 2. The Oxford English dictionary defines library in the sense of being a place where books are kept for reading, […]

Differences Between A Library And A Bookshop/Bookstore

UPDATE: 15 Differences Between A Library And A Bookshop 1. Books and materials in the bookshop are arranged for commercial purposes while, books in the library are acquired and processed, stamped, accessioned, cataloged, classified, and made readily available to patrons to freely use. 2. The library environment is organized for convenient studying and search, while […]

Collyde Prime – Police

Police , Collyde Prime It’s been a long week. one of those that starts with you not having a gaddem clue of what’s gonna happen and how it would end but it ends anyway leaving you in a bloody cycle of anticipation of the next. more thinking.. less play ..more listening and struggling to speak […]

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