Before I forget to mention its free… It’s FREE!

Gokive could be used to find the closest Products, Goods or Services around you. It’s a web application (Webapp) with a GPS that shows the nearest products/businesses around you. So, you could use it to locate a business/product you’re looking for or you could simply register the location of your shop, cinema, office or products for other users to find it. If you’re stranded somewhere or you’re simply new in the block and you don’t know where to get a product, Visit and search your way through…
Search Examples:
— Where can I get Airtime
— I want a saloon and a hair cream with Vaseline
— Where can I buy bread with Noodles and 2 eggs
— rice, okra, garri, pepper, beans
Gokive uses an embedded Map to show you where to get what you want without stress and you can also add your product or business to the Map. Awesome!?
One thing that makes Gokive Unique is that you could add any business for free, no matter how small the business is, provided it’s got an Address. Even if you don’t have a business name; you could still use Gokive for people to locate your shop/location. If you have a business you wish to add no matter how small it is, visit to add. Don’t have a business name? No problems! Leave the business name empty, Gokive will generate a unique name for you and you’d appear in their result(s) page. Add your goods/services separated by commas then your address. It’s as simple as touching a dimple… if you’ve seen anyone with any lately. 🙂



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