Nicklas Hallen and I Discussed OkadaBooks and Digital Publishing in Nigeria

I was in an interview with Nicklas Hallen a few months ago. It’s out now on ESA – Volume 61, Issue 2 Manoeuvring Through the Traffic Jam: A Conversation With Magnus Okeke About OkadaBooks and Digital Publishing in Nigeria. You can read it here This work was supported by The Swedish Research Council

The Story of The Famous OkadaBooks Jacket

The first time @okadabooks launched this Jacket and I wore it to school, some people laughed at me. A lot of people actually. Okechukwu Ofili and the team wore it but they didn’t mention anyone laughing at them. So I thought something was wrong with me I had two jackets at the time so I […]

Video: How to Upload and Publish an Epub on Okadabooks

I made a video! How hard can it be? Lol… I’m running my mouth now but it wasn’t that easy… first time. Anyways, in this video, i explained the entire process you should go through to publish an ePub on OkadaBooks; if you have the book in .epub format already. What is an ePub? See […]

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