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Your Payoneer Issue Might Not Be So Serious

Your Payoneer Issue Might Not Be So Serious

Your Payoneer issue might not be as serious as you think. Let me explain.

There have been cases where my friends receive a notification that their account was locked, they tried logging in through their PC and Payoneer said they needed to set up a new password, they did and they were able to log in. So, If the app isn’t working for you, try login in on the website. Do not panic.

If your Payoneer account still says “blocked”, don’t panic. Clear your cache or login on a different browser.

Your Payoneer Issue Might Not Be So Serious

The truth is, your Payoneer account is hardly ever blocked, especially if they never sent a mail to that effect or you already verified your account.

Again, don’t panic. The Customer Support team at Payoneer do their best as well… and they sometimes call me back. You can Google “Payoneer Customer Support” for numbers to call and ways to chat with the Support team.

Your Payoneer Issue Might Not Be So Serious
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