My Advice for Young People Who Want to Impact the World – Femi Longe

Yes! Today was a good day… I ate jollof rice twice for lunch! But that is not why i’m saying it was a good day 🙂

I was refereed to this awesome group on Facebook for Masterminds; as in, a community of Masterminds and guess who spoke today – Femi Longe 🙂 I can’t go into details or copy everything he said but there was something i begged to share… Wait! Actually, I stole it… No, wait, i took it.

A comment came in for Femi and he humbly replied.

Question: I would love to know sir Femi Longe, what would you advice young people who feel the need to change a lot in their society but do not have clarity on what exactly it is they want to do?

The Answer:

1. Learn more about yourself and what makes your heart beat. Learn your strengths and weaknesses. What kind of work you enjoy and what you dislike. What you are passionate about. What makes you excited to wake up in the morning. What injustice in the world makes you cry. Start by building your self-awareness.

You need to know yourself to know what you would enjoy changing in the world

2. Learn more about the world. Travel if you can. Try new experiences. Read books. Read magazines. Watch documentaries. Read biographies. Read newspapers. Read what is written and what isn’t. Speak to people. Seek to understand everyone’s experience, what excites them, keeps them awake, makes them want to cry. Study the world in all its glory & nastiness.

You can’t change a world you don’t know about

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3. Build your skills. Take every opportunity to build your abilities. Take internships. Get jobs for the opportunity to learn while you are young with limited responsibilities. Find mentors. Invest in training yourself. Launch pet projects where you can test your skills. Volunteer.

To change the world, you have to have the skills needed to make the change happen

In the words of Aristotle, “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.”. Your main job as a young person is to find this intersection

Femi is a social innovator, coach, leadership development expert, a learning and process facilitator, a positive opportunist and yes, Cchub’s Co founder

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My Advice for Young People Who Want to Impact the World – Femi Longe



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