Crackers with Brain: Captain America vs Iron Man, Who Won?

On the 6th of May 2016, the world stood still as (probably) the highest grossing film of the year and biggest standalone movie in the history of Marvel Films was released in the US and all over the world.

From Steve Rogers (Captain America) fighting against Brock Rumlow alongside other Avengers members in a fictional Lagos to the King of Wakanda (a fictional part of East Africa) “King T’Chaka” getting killed after a bomb went off in Vienna or the once in a life time Avengers Vs Avengers fight that went down at the airport.

There were lots of high spots, breath taking moments, humors, jaw opening scenes and unbelievable stunts.
We saw the return of Peter Parker (Spider man), the debut of Scott Lang (Ant Man) in a film besides his own and the return of James “Bucky” Barnes but nothing beats the infamous fight that ensured between Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Tony Stark (Iron Man) at the Siberian Hydra Facility.

There were lots of ups and downs, beat downs and comebacks. Barnes had his robotic arm blasted off, Stark got his Armour disabled and Rogers left his Shield scratched.

It’s said that when two Elephants have a fight the grass on which they battled will suffer; The Siberian Hydra Facility had its inner walls destroyed.

It was the King Kong Vs Godzilla of Marvel films.

But when it was all said and done it all comes down to the question: WHO WON THE FIGHT?
There have being comments, reviews, opinions and ideas but this time around we will be the judges.

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Captain America was left limping out of the building with his friend on his shoulder and his shield scratched on the floor.

Iron Man was left wasted, lying on the floor with  his Stark amour disabled and eyes staring like they had no life left.
It begs the question; WHO WON THE FIGHT?

Let your opinions be known…

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Crackers with Brain: Captain America vs Iron Man, Who Won?



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