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Month: September 2014

5 Ways To Turn Your Imaginations Into A Book

Image Credits: The National Emerging Writer Program I’m often reminded that most ideas that had struck me earlier; that I developed into movie scripts (some to stories) didn’t happen in bed or while thinking about “what to write about.” My first movie script was a job, in fact, the characters were created and I built a […]

5 Websites To Get Movie Scripts (Screenplays) For Free

“:Screenwriting is the most prized of all the cinematic arts. Actually, it isn’t, but it should be.” – Hugh Laurie For quite some time now – for me – writing for the screen has been splendid…Awesome! I could describe and define screenwriting perfectly if it doesn’t seem new to me whenever i open up my […]

Award Winning Dope 7 to hold Movie training and Audition in Lagos

Dope 7 Creative Academy and Media, the award winning Movie/Radio production company behind the Modern day TV series such as “Ella’s Paradise” and the Award winning “Eagle Eye Tv series” which explores the everyday life of African people and the challenges they go through in their quest to balance their lifestyle between morals and socially […]

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