Month: July 2016

Team Empowerment: Get FREE Digital Skill Training – Sponsored by Google

By 2020 there’ll be half a billion internet users in Africa, presenting an opportunity for African businesses and digital entrepreneurs. Youth unemployment across Africa is high (35per cent in South Africa, 17per cent in Kenya, 15per cent in Nigeria), developing digital entrepreneurship and creating new job opportunities for young people is critical to Africa’s transformative […]

Video: How to Upload and Publish an Epub on Okadabooks

I made a video! How hard can it be? Lol… I’m running my mouth now but it wasn’t that easy… first time. Anyways, in this video, i explained the entire process you should go through to publish an ePub on OkadaBooks; if you have the book in .epub format already. What is an ePub? See […]

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