Iam Magnus Okadabooks

Magnus is a Nigerian Writerpreneur, Developer, Blogger, Screenwriter, Mechanic and a student. He went to a primary and secondary school before studying Computer Science in a Polytechnic.

Magnus has written numerous local films and Tv series, a few books and 1,211+ notes. In 2015, he Co-Founded Gokive.com, a Webapp designed to help grow local businesses and help people get what they are looking for at the tip of their fingers. In January 2016 he founded Okadaplugs.com where you can easily find Okadabooks tutorials, resources and get help with both the App and Publishing on Okadabooks. You can get his books on Okadabooks where he works as a junior Developer and mechanic.

He loves writing, poetry and a huge comic/animation freak. He writes a lot – about a lot of things. You can read his contents on Comicments, Medium, TechstyleNG.

He met loves Rooney Mara since The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo too movie!

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