My Grandfather’s Lamentation

“The evil child that pulls his father’s moustache must be ready to face his father’s deafening cry. Amadioha has given you to us. Of what use are you in this life, if you do not discover why you were created in the first place? He that does not want to labour should not price or […]

The Drunkard And The Adulterers

Title: The Drunkard and the Adulterers Author: Iam Magnus It’s happening again. We flogged Ufuoma the day before Eke market, today, it’s Akudo. The town crier will beat the village with his noisy gong. The youths will gather at the village square, each one with his cane. Akudo, the palm wine tapper’s wife will be […]

Interview With African Story Tellers

I won the March edition of the 100 Word Competition organised by the respected African Story Tellers. The prize? 1…2….3…4…5……..10k. Yup, Ten Thousand Naira for a 100 word story. I’ve claimed my prize and i got an interview but that’s not all, i’m an AFT Ambassador… Am still thinking about adding that to my bio […]

We’re sorry, You Lost Him

It starts in a hospital…It was a hospital hallway. She sat there ceaselessly in motion, the other patients looking at her like she was their demented and paranoid leader. They say you have the power over your mind – not outside events. She’d disagree if she thought about it, something isn’t just right there, she […]

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