Some Moments Can be relived

My Music Player does this occasional thing were it plays calls recorded between late 2015 and early 16 as audio – Mostly calls from my father and mother checking up on me. I was in school at the time and some things were really difficult for me, from Trigonometry to what to eat, I barely […]

My Last Days At School 2

My last days at school were pretty much fun, depends on if you consider writing your last two papers with one eye since the other got punctured, well not really like burst or anything but it was rendered useless. But in comparison to my first days the last ones were pretty much better. My first […]

Breaking News: Your Mum Is An Entrepreneur

My mum somersaulted tonight while we were sitting in the compound. No, it wasn’t an accident. Yes, the acrobatic feat when the feet rolls over the head return… and i laughed really hard. There was something about the floor and she just couldn’t hold back – like a 7 year old. Anyways, that’s not the […]

I: My brother’s Major Problem.

One of the doctors that once treated me said i was malaria prone… or prone to malaria… I didn’t care. I just wanted to get well. He warned me to stay away from Cold water; foods must be cooked and/or warmed well before consumption, stay away from Microwaved foods, Stay away from sugary soft drinks […]

Do Smart Things With Your Smartphone

I was in a use of library class once and there was this little debate between the lecturer and half the class about the school library’s Wifi password and why the students do not just get it and use. The lecturer was making us, the students see reasons why the password cannot be handed to […]

The Offerings That Destroyed Today’s Church

This happened a few months ago. I came around a popular church in town where they had this one straight service and closed around mid day. Great morning, great sermon and i could bet the pastor and elders were on THAT kind of fire that only burns in church. So, when it was time for […]

The Spoon Of Rice Is 500 Naira In Lagos

I had a friend visit me while i was assisting an Oap at Wazobia Fm once. After our meeting was concluded, he suggested we hit a restaurant around and eat something. I didn’t know if he had the money; didn’t care. We walked into this good restaurant, not popular on the mainland and they had […]

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