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Why Everyone is Excited About KudaBank

Kuda recently launched its highly anticipated App, the KudaBank app for Android and iOS devices. Guess who tested the app on his Android phone and also gave feedback to the team? What is KudaBank? KudaBank was originally known as Kudimoney, a Nigerian fintech company focused on loans, like Paylater. They rebranded in June 2019 after […]

A Major Reason to use ALAT by Wema

I’m beginning to like ALAT by Wema… This is not a sponsored post For some months now I’ve been struggling with my Google Drive account – Upgrading it from the basic 15GB plan to 100GB (or other higher sizes) has not been easy working. I have tried two GTB cards that are international transactions enabled and […]

How Jim Carrey Saved My Life

Curled From: Actor Jim Carrey provided the inspiring, funny, and enlightening commencement speech for MUM’s class of 2014. He encouraged the students to think big and to choose love rather than give into fear. Many said it was the best commencement address they’d seen. Below you’ll find the full video and transcript of Carrey’s […]

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