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I made my first money from writing in 2013. I didn’t just receive money, I was also gifted a laptop. Then in 2014, I wrote a 22-episode TV series for Dope 7 Media, a movie production company in Surulere. In 2015, I worked closely with Lolo 1 of Wazobia for about 9 months – built her website and managed her social media pages.  In the same year, on the side, I wrote OkadaBooks’ FAQ and newsletters -as Magnus from OkadaBooks.

Then In 2016, I learnt to code. In 2017, I trained to become a Product Manager and Tester with some guys at Google and SoundCloud. In 2018, I built to help Nigerians find Bookclubs and bookstores close to them. Then in 2019, I became an Instructor and recorded my first Udemy course. I made a couple of Youtube courses too and my blog, this blog started booming. I am still making money from it. I’m currently working as a Gaming Agent for 5CA, a Netherlands-based company. Why am I telling you these things? I have some experience to teach you how to create, monetize your content and become sought after in today’s job market.

Cool story bro, So what is this Bootcamp about?

Through CFP BootCamp, We (my friends and I) would like to teach you how to create for profit. We understand you are passionate about what you’re putting out but it doesn’t end there. You can monetize your content as well. A lot of people ask me how I make money from my blog, get traffic from some unexpected places, record and cut my Youtube videos, send newsletters, write blog posts that rank and more. We will be teaching these things and even more for FREE.

Wow, break it down, please

We’ll be looking at:

  1. How to create content that gets everyone’s attention. It doesn’t matter if you write for tech, news, fiction, non-fiction or create videos.
  2. How to create your own Udemy or Youtube courses.
  3. Generating Traffic from unexpected places.
  4. Writing for guests and readers outside your country.
  5. Understanding SEO tools like Search Console and Analytics.
  6. We will also explain how hosting, domain names and website builders work.
  7. My good friend Stephen, will come in to talk about: What it’s like to become a programmer and some myths about the Dev life.
  8. We’ll also look at the things you should do or update on your resume for you to land that dream job.
  9. There will be looooots of materials to work with. Lots of it!
  10. Bonus: We’ll also be looking at platforms I’ve invested money in, why I did and the journey so far.

How long is this Bootcamp and when is it starting?

  • From August 1st to 31st, 2020. 1 month and completely remote.
  • We’ll communicate over Whatsapp every day and have 30-minute zoom sessions three times a week.

What are the requirements?

Just have a laptop, a good internet connection and the willingness to learn. I keep saying “Nothing is interesting if you’re not interested”. So, do not be “kinda” interested.

Okay. How many participants will be selected?

Three. This is the maiden edition and we would like to start with 3 participants.

Are there any other special requirements?

No. Also, we don’t care about your age, gender, colour, tribe or any of those details.

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