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USSD Codes for Loans in Nigeria (2022)

There are apps for almost everything these days except apps that can generate fast foods and apps that show you USSD codes for loans in Nigeria. Anyways, You have me. Please note that you must have a bank account linked to your mobile telephone number to perform a USSD transaction. So, you might not get […]

Why Your Paylater (Carbon) Loan Failed

I was once stranded and I wanted to loan 10,000 from Paylater. Small change right? My request was declined. In this article, I will be explaining the key reason why your loan was or will be declined by Paylater and almost every similar platform out there. There are so many reasons why your loan would […]

These Platforms Let You Collect Loans With Your Phone Number

Sometimes friends don’t come through and we don’t have a choice. So here are two platforms (and more) that let you collect loans with just your phone number. This post was inspired by Paylater because they did not lend me money when I was stranded in the middle of nowhere – even after going through all […]

How to Make Money From Fairmoney

A message from Fairmoney Growing up, I was taught to always show appreciation for every good deed. The truth is that showing appreciation is a simple way of making the world a better place and nobody shows appreciation better than FairMoney. The FairMoney Referral Program is FairMoney’s way of saying a big thank you to customers with up to ₦12,500. Here […]

4 Trusted Piggyvest Alternatives For Investing

Piggyvest is an online savings platform that allows you to save and invest, basically. Piggyvest has a large customer base of loyal users that trust the platform. The platform allows users to save towards a purpose and get interests while saving/investing. Piggyvest is really worth the hype among Nigerian users because there are so many […]

5 KudaBank Alternatives For Nigerians

Kuda or KudaBank is a digital-only bank, that is, a completely online bank that was created for the Nigerian populace. Kuda offers most of the services that the traditional banks offer and even more. Kuda is even a registered bank with CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) as an actual bank and running your Kuda bank […]

REACH: Automatically Tracks Your Expenses With Your Bank Alerts

So I shared a Spreadsheet that makes it easy to track your Income and Expenses awhile ago. Have you cloned it yet? You might not need to because I later discovered an app that tracks your monthly expenses by checking the SMS alerts you receive from your bank. The app is called REACH. What app […]

Create A Bank Account for Your Business From Home

Prospa is a Web app that makes it easy for businesses (both small and big) to create bank accounts from home for free. A friend and I started a business ( in 2016. It took another whole year to open a bank account for the business. We had the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) documents and […]

Kuda Bank Vs Rubies Bank: Which Should You be Using and Why?

I wrote a comparison post between Piggyvest and Alat a year go. Then a few months later, Rubies Bank and Kudabank emerged. We will be looking at Kudabank and Rubies bank in this post, which you should use and why? We would be looking at Onboarding, Usability and the key features you would need in […]

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