If you are really interested in and passionate about hiring a novice or an intern who will learn and grow on the Job then you should pay for their internet connection.

We both know newbies (or amateurs) don’t get paid as much as those who are experienced or have been on the Job for a while¬†so I think It doesn’t really make sense to pay a newbie a small fee per month and not pay for their data.

If you don’t pay for the newbie’s data he/she might take from that small fee to buy data so they can learn to be better and grow your business… I have experienced this and I know a few people who are going through it, especially those working remotely daily.

If they come to the office to use work internet and are not data-restricted in any way then that’s fine. Again, If you really want to hire someone who needs to learn on the Job then you should pay for their data subscription. It will help your business in a lot of ways.

If you can’t do this or think it’s wrong then let me know in the comment box below. Let’s talk about it