Artistes never get nervous, probably

Artiste iammagnus

When an artiste is about to go on stage you’ll hear the fans screaming and waiting for the artiste to come on stage and sing hit songs. The songs the audience already know.
Everybody starts jeering and cheering as soon as the artiste hit the stage. The artiste, now loaded with excitement starts singing and the fans would join in… Is the artiste nervous? Did he shit his pants? Nobody cares!

But for poets, contestants and almost everyone else, It’s different. It’s even more difficult when you are defending a project or making a presentation for the first time.

Before I got a Job at a radio station, I went for an interview at Cool FM, messed it up with nervousness.

The times I wanted to deal with nervousness, I had to eat raw pepper, do 25 push-ups in the toilet and believed no one knew my stuff better than me. It worked. And so did the pepper. Now I have an ulcer.

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Artistes never get nervous, probably



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