Phyno’s “Good Die Young” is profound. It has this emotional depth that anyone can relate to… especially soft-hearted, focused young men who are in love or get emotional about life’s problems…  life’s problems (I’m not sure it’s the right word but lets paint a picture of what I mean) … Life’s problems like your brilliant friend’s bae infecting your friend with HIV or losing a parent the day after you bought your first house… *sighs. What a life sef. May we not experience such sorrow


I bet you catch my drift if you’ve listened to it and you understand Igbo language as well.

Is it the best song on that 19-track album? Don’t know. Don’t care. It’s one of my favourite songs though

“More than anything, Good Die Young is my personal journey,” admits Phyno in an interview with Hot FM Owerri

I’ve actually had this post on draft since June 2014. Never published it.


Did you listen to Good die young? What’s your take?

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