Breaking News: Your Mum Is An Entrepreneur

My mum somersaulted tonight while we were sitting in the compound. No, it wasn’t an accident. Yes, the acrobatic feat when the feet rolls over the head return… and i laughed really hard. There was something about the floor and she just couldn’t hold back – like a 7 year old.

Anyways, that’s not the reason for this post. I’ve been reading about entrepreneurship these days and one of those key things about being an entrepreneurs is that they take risks (on their businesses mostly) and keep going when they have nothing left. Sounds Familiar? Well my mum is like that. She has done a lot to keep the family together.

Especially the days my father was away. 

She has borrowed money, bought and sold stuffs, hoping to make profit. Most times she did, if not all the time and this hit me really hard. The men in black suites in large offices are not the only entrepreneurs out there. Your mother is also an entrepreneur, especially when she’s not taking orders from anyone.

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Breaking News: Your Mum Is An Entrepreneur



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