Last Sunday afternoon after service, I was alone in my room and hunger wouldn’t let me think right. I had just five hundred Naira, and the five hundred Naira was to sustain me for a week (seven days) until I receive a credit alert. I was hungry and I wanted to spend just #50 off the 500.( #20 groundnut, #10 sugar and #20 water). I put on my shoes and headed out. While approaching the shop, you won’t believe what happened, I looked back, I saw this pretty, wonderfully made creature behind me. She was heading to the same place. OMG!!! “I don’t want this girl to know i’m about to soak garri”, that was me talking to my self. Since she was behind me, there was no way i would buy my groundnut and sugar without her seeing it so I had to improvise. I turned around and said to her “Hi miss, you can go ahead and buy what you need, am not in a hurry” she replied with a smile “i’m not in a hurry either, moreover i’m not complaining.” By this time the shopkeeper has started complaining (buy wetin u wan buy make I commot for here). Those within the shop were just staring at us, I no wan fall my hand. I started the following conversation with the woman….
ME: how much is your indomie?
MAMA: na #60.
ME: Give me four. I was about to walk away when…
MAMA: Fine boy, won’t you buy egg?
ME: aaaaahh!,! I forgot, give me four.

I noticed the girl was just looking at me…
ME: Mama give me a bag of water.
As I was about to leave…
MAMA: come and take your change.
ME: Haha… Don’t worry ma, Keep the change.

After fooling myself, I was curious. I wanted to see what that girl was going to buy. As I was leaving, I looked back. You won’t believe what she bought… #20 groundnut and #10 sugar. my head almost exploded. I spent my week’s money in five minutes for no reason. That’s the strength of a woman.

Written By  Effizino Effizy