I recently had a programming class and it really went well… but i barely understood anything after the second example,  thank God for friends… and Determination

The intro to programming class was one of those classes you take after you’ve dumped word processors and spreadsheets… Many months ago.

While in the class i bet most of the students couldn’t differentiate ROWS from COLUMNS. I almost stopped to think about it then a friend, Victory spoke in excitement: “Rows and columns, Rain and clouds. That’s how I remember it” 
He drew a little cloud and rainmarks (sic) at the back of his note. It stuck.
RAIN = COLUMN… Which is VERTICAL while he represented ROWS with CLOUDS… Brilliant! It stuck
And if you were to illustrate it (or even think about it), RAIN direction is vertical (Columns) if you could remember that, you could differentiate between rows and columns.

I love mnemonics and abbrev. So next time you want to remember the structure of ROWS and COLUMNS or draw one, think of Clouds and rain… By my course mate Victory.



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