Interview With African Story Tellers

I won the March edition of the 100 Word Competition organised by the respected African Story Tellers. The prize? 1…2….3…4…5……..10k. Yup, Ten Thousand Naira for a 100 word story. I’ve claimed my prize and i got an interview but that’s not all, i’m an AFT Ambassador… Am still thinking about adding that to my bio soon. Anyways, here’s the interview, cheers!

Hello I am Magnus, can we meet you?:
I’m Okeke Magnus Ifeanyi but i mostly respond to my Pen name Iam Magnus. I’m a 19 year old writerpreneur, screenwriter and an mechanic. I live in Lagos and i’m schooling at Yabatech. Hobbies? I play chess and i blog at which is owned by me. I’m also a Pr for lolo 1 of Wazobia Fm and i manage her blog. I’ve written and sold numerous Tv scripts and skits. I am an ardent pen, poetry and animation lover and a self confessed talkative
How does it feel being the March edition prize winner of the 
African Short Story writing competition that debuted on January 10, 2015?

The feeling, it’s something i can’t shake off. Me, my pen, we won. It’s something i’d always wake up to remember. And i’m grateful for it.

How did you hear about the competition?: 

I met a couple of writers on Facebook and one of them shared the post. That was as far back as January.

How long have you been writing professionally?:
Professionally? Writing is a hobby to me. It’s like chess. It keeps my brain cells awake. I took it serious when i realized you get paid a huge amount of money to script a movie. That was 2014.
Have you won any commendation or prize for your writing prowess?:
Not officially. The first story i wrote as a synopsis for a movie was like medicine. The producer i submitted it to called me that evening and promised to sponsor me if i’d write for him.
Do you have any publication out in the market? A novel? A blog?:

For now, My publications are on my blog which is a year old already with almost a million views. The blog and the stories in them are personal, in some stories, i am drunk. But i don’t drink, i just love to exist as a different person in my imaginations.

Have you visited our blog, 
Would you love to be a contributor and an ambassador to the blog?:

Sure. I’d even like to contribute to the design of the blog with something i’ve always had in mind for a story blog if i know who the manager of the blog is. The design is awesome, but it could be more than awesome. I just love what you guys are doing over there.

What do you plan to use the prize money of N10,000.00 won to do?:

Buy myself a truckload of pen and renew my domain. I’d blog it to encourage those that don’t believe they could earn from writing, especially those that are good at it.

Do we look forward to seeing more entries from you in our 
subsequent monthly Short Story competitions in 2015?:

Yes. Short stories are my thing and i hope to win again.

How many people have contacted you by phone calls or the social 
media to verify the authenticity of the African Short Story writing 
competition? Have you been able to convince them?: 
None yet. But i’m sure they will as soon as notify my friends out there. They’ll even ask me to share the money.
Thank you, I am Magnus for sharing your time with us!!!
You’re welcome! My pleasure

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Interview With African Story Tellers



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