Mother And Eldest Daughter Give Birth 34 Minutes Apart From Each Other

Angela Patram (left) with her baby Rayna and son C.J., and her daughter Teranisha (right) and her son Jerry.

A US woman and her eldest daughter have welcomed two new additions to their lives after giving birth within minutes of each other.
Angela Patram, 37, and daughter, Teranisha Billups, 20, expected their babies to be born within a few weeks of one another, only for them to be born 34 minutes apart in Tampa General Hospital in Florida in late February. “I’ve been in this field for 29 years … I’ve seen maybe 14,000 deliveries,” said Dr Atef Zakhary, who practices at Tampa General. “I’ve never seen a mom and daughter deliver on the same day. And this is as close as you could get.”
Ms Patram was scheduled to be induced on February 19 while Ms Billups was due to have her first baby two weeks later, on March 6.But on February 19 mother and daughter were both in labour in rooms next door to each other.Ms Patram’s fifth child, Rayna Simone Patram, came into the world at 6:29 pm, while baby Jerry Michaud Jr arrived via caesarean section 34 minutes later.
Ms Billups said they had already heard a lot of Father of the Bride 2 jokes, referring to the 1995 Steve Martin movie which featured duelling mum-and-daughter pregnancies.”I guess we have special babies,” Billups said. “We’ll be celebrating birthdays together for the rest of their lives.”

Sources: Tampa General Hospital

Mother And Eldest Daughter Give Birth 34 Minutes Apart From Each Other



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