The Extra Push Consequence

In the recent past, I’m stirred to profess that I didn’t come up on my own, I didn’t start with nothing either but I started off on my own. And this is not about me, it’s about all people.
When you have a dream, it doesn’t just come at you, dressed with labels and indicators, saying “Hey, I’m your dream, don’t chase me. I’ve got you.” Dreams come from behind you, it doesn’t come right between your eyes (literally), that is why you have to pay attention and improve every part of you, every day. But then again, sorry, this is not about your dream either. Arguably, everyone on the planet has a dream.

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Now, considering the entry above, there are times when things are not just going to go your way. The day is bad, your plans failed, you got disappointed, you’re not in the mood, you made a mistake or you need an impacting assistance of some sort. Those are times you need THE EXTRA PUSH

The Extra push is that special abstraction or person that motivates you to go on with what you do or currently executing, when you’re about to drop by the wayside or give up. The Extra push is what and who keeps you going in your office or lecture room when the sensation is weakening, the mood is wry and you feel like plunging that project or job aside for the next few days, weeks or years. Humbling in its simplicity like The Kick Consequence, the Extra Push keeps you resilient and determined to go through life with an unquenchable hope.

For most people, the Extra push could be their mother. In his early days, professional neurosurgeon and author of Gifted Hands, Ben Carson talked about how his mother had been his motivator in his early years. “She memorized poems and famous sayings and kept quoting them to me…Thinking about it now, mother was incredible. The bottom-line was that we have only ourselves to blame. We create our own destiny by the way we do things. We have to take advantage of opportunities and be responsible for our choices.” Carson stated.
Oddly, for some individuals, the extra push is just the gratitude they get for finishing an earlier project or job. For a blogger, the comments and traffic could be fortifying. For an Artiste, fans and hype (reactions and its effects).

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For us all, the Extra Push could is sometimes the benefits, gains or profits we earn from what we do. For some attentive, easygoing people, it’s more personal; a song, teaching, word, advice, a challenge or a special person is typically their Extra push.
Everyone needs the extra push to live up to their dreams each day because you can’t go to work ONLY on the days you’re happy. Sometimes you’re not. Then, there you’ll need an Extra Push – what’s yours?

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The Extra Push Consequence



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