5 Ways To Restrain An Unwanted Erection

Welcome back pardner. In case you missed it, this post is in two parts (for clarity) and this is the second part of it. You could read the first here Erections: Dethroning The King

I had to make this particular topic practically reasonable as well as interesting. I strongly believe the following practical methods will really help you.

Crossing your legs:This could be done while sitting. When your willy pushes out, just cross your legs like a complacent gentleman. While you’re doing this, it’s best you don’t look anyone around in the face, especially a fellow guy (Are you gay?) and do not exert too much pressure on it, you could make it worse and it’ll hurt later. You could sit there as long as you want till your Willy catches some Z’s (sleeps) 

Serious student: This might sound funny but you could place a few books on your laps (Not necessarily on your Willy), holding one to while away time, while your on-lookers and friends think you’re reading a book. This method is very common and is very encouraging because once you sink your head in the book, you could forget about the erection and whatever caused it in the first place. 

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Distract yourself:Making some noise or singing your favorite songs might not help. This method works very well if what upraised your Willy in the first place was a thought or an imagination about a girl’s… *coughs*. If you get to that point where her body is all in your head, think of something weird or awkward or grotesque. I advise you think about negative things BUT, NOT the dangers or effects of the erection, do not exercise too much fear because you could freak out and prolong the whole thing. Instead, think about goats on high heels or flying lizards, singing dogs or humans drinking from the toilet… AH! Just think of something dumb! 

Being a Gentleman:Do you know that 60% of guys who shove their hands in their pockets while walking with girls are trying so hard to hide IT? You just push those two hands into your pockets and fist them. From the outside, people will think the bump is the work of your hands. From there, then, you could also use your hand to dislodge or exert a little pressure on Brother Willy 

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Cold water caning:Are you outside when it’s happening or you really needed to leave? Simple buy a cold sachet or bottle of water, excuse yourself to a bathroom and make sure your Willy touches the water (There are so many ways to do that without imbuing your pants with the cold water). Cold water constricts blood flow, so, that works well too. Don’t go falling or jumping into a pool out of fear. It’s not cool. 

So, these ideas should work for you if it works for every other guy. Now, I know you must have heard about other dumb methods like masturbation and fastening with belts or glue. Your Willy is not a package or a tool for science experiment. Most of these dumb methods are dangerously painful and sometimes irreversible.Medical experts say: If you touch an erection frequently, it might lead to masturbation and too much masturbation leads to premature ejaculation. Sadly, you don’t know when it’s too much; you never know.

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5 Ways To Restrain An Unwanted Erection



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