Okadaplugs for OkadaBooks

Role: Chief Designer Duration: Continuous  (No Longer Maintained) Heading the customer Service team of OkadaBooks is really fun… The more users registered on the platform, the more the messages and queries came in. I wanted to help, seriously, so i […]


Vexpo: Vortex Inc. EXPO

Role: Chief Designer Duration: One Week *This one was for Vortex Comics. Vortex Inc. the body behind VEXPO is a creative content company based in the heart of Africa which exports African culture majorly through comics (illustrated content) and cartoons (animated […]


Steady Run PHC Fitness Website

* This was my first project in 2017 Role: Chief Designer Duration: Two Weeks (Including Store) About Website Steady Run Club is a Health, Wellness and Fitness club founded in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The Club meets every […]

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5 Definitions Of A Library

1. The Latin word LIBER meaning books. This definition sees library as synonymous. 2. The oxford English dictionary defines library in the sense of being a place where books are kept for reading, studying or reference. 3. Herald’s Librarian Glossary […]